Social Media

Which social media channel is right for me?

We've all heard Social Media is a vital marketing tool…
However, many people still question its importance.
Social Media

One client asked "We build houses, how's Facebook going to help us?"

He had a point, as not every social media channel is cost effective within every market sector. B2B and B2C have different audiences and therefore require contrasting social media strategies.

The number of social media channels is constantly growing, so it would be very easy to make it a full time job. With many companies employing teams of people, how does the average company go about choosing the right media channel for them?
It's all about choosing a few good channels and concentrating on them.
100% commitment can bring excellent rewards.

If you overstretch across dozens of networks, your presentations are likely to end up sub-standard and fail to engage their audience.

The goal of any social media is to inspire, stimulate or intrigue. Avoid preaching and don't give away everything in one place. If a visitor finds all they need without having to follow links or ask questions then you have given away too much.

Criteria for picking a Social Media Channel

Before picking a social media channel, there are many questions to answer.

Identify your audience

Before choosing a social media channel, you have to analyse and breakdown who is visiting your site.

  • Are your customers predominantly male or female?
  • What age group are they?
  • What time of day do they read social media?
  • Are they after knowledge or products?
  • Are they well paid?
  • Are they management grade?
  • Are they well educated?

Identify you business

  • Does your business rely on imagery or video (e.g. Estate Agent, Travel, Fashion)?
  • Is your business reliant upon repeat business?
  • Are you a service provider, manufacturer or retailer?
  • Is your business reliant upon recommendation?
  • Do your customers ask questions before making purchases?
  • How often do you have something to announce?

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